Map conception
3D level creation
3D engine integration
Enemy waves tweak
Scripted events
Red Steel 2 is a FPS on the Nintendo Wii U, using the Wii Motion + to provide a sword-fighting experience in a Western/Asian crossover universe.
As a Level designer on Red Steel 2, I was in charge of the Kusagari Temple map during the whole duration of the project.
This map was a real challenge : it needed to give the "epic" sensation of climbing and fighting across the destroyed temple and the mountain to the top. We had to deal with Wii technical constraints to make something visually impressive while fighting against multiple enemies.
In addition, we needed to avoid the player being lost, even with a real winding path : the solution was to make the objective (the top of the temple) always visible along the road. It was a very interesting topology challenge!
I also helped to debug, place props and tweak fight situations on 2 other maps.