2D platformer level design
Mini-games patterns
IA behaviours
Engine integration
Travel in Time is the 4th Raving Rabbids party game on the Wii. It’s caracterized by different types of zones corresponding on different controls (2D platformer, 3D classic navigation, shooting, fly and Wii motion +).
I was Level designer on this project, in charge of several maps for the 2D platformer and the Wii motion + zone.

For the 2D platformer mini-games, I took part in the conception of 4 of them and I designed, integrated and debugged the relating levels.
For the Wii motion + mini-games, I designed, integrated and debugged 1 level and designed patterns for the repetitive gameplay of another one.
I also define IA behaviours for all these mini-games and helped integrate and debug some other elements in the game.