Early conception
Game modes design
Micro-games design
Scoring balance
UI mockups
Production follow-up
Raving Rabbids Alive & Kicking is a party game on the Xbox 360, using Kinect and including 3 kind of mini-games (augmented reality mini-games, classic mini-games and 2D fast micro-games) in several game modes.
I designed, made mockups and follow-up the production of the 3 "party" game modes, playable up to 16 players and inspired by board and TV games.

Micro-games were very short games, inspired by the Wario Ware series. They had to be 2D "cartoon" style and, of course, to use all the funny Kinect possibilities. I designed more than 20 ones and we produced 10 of them.
I also wrote several mini-games concept, balanced all the mini-games ranks, and was in charge of "Guitar Zero", an augmented reality guitar mini-game. I followed up its production, created and integrated the musical patterns relating to the 4 songs.

This project was a real challenge, dealing with a very short time production.