Run to Nowhere // Game project
Run to Nowhere is a hardcore "runner game", telling the story of a man purchased by his fears. He has to reach the end of each level before they catch him, fighting his way against anxiety materializations.
This project is born from a challenge : make a video-game all alone, from the conception to the music, including coding, level design, graphics, etc... To be realistic, I choose a Pixel-Art graphic orientation and a simple addictive gameplay, inspired by the Bit.Trip series or Super Meat Boy.

The biggest and maybe more exciting challenge for me was to learn programmation : I first chose the C# with XNA framework and I had to make all from scratch. With XNA, I made a simple 2D tile-based platformer engine, a custom editor and some gameplay behaviours.
Finally, I decided to move to Unity 3D and the 2D Toolkit plug-in, to have a well-tried and functional game editor.
Still a lot to do but I’ve already learned a lot of things !

Ad Deir monastery // Level design exercice
Map conception
3D topology creation
Intention doc
I designed this map for a level design test : the mandatory was to create an Assassin's Creed "platforming" challenge.
I chose to place my level in the series of acrobatic challenges to get the Altaïr armor in Assassin's Creed 2. My intentions of LD were: So, I chose the Ad Deir Monastery in Petra, Jordan. In addition to be a good answer for the 3 first intentions, it allows me to imagine what I want behind a secret door.